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The Jahistory is a team of experts in historical documents.

We are a team of experts providing information based on historical documents for those interested in the history of Japan and Asia in the modern and contemporary period. Click here to contact us. We look forward to serving you!

Purpose of Service

Historical documents are not exclusive to researchers. The general public and non-Japanese are free to read them, and there are an increasing number of situations in which historical documents must actually be read. For example, the following situations.

▼Family History
At some point, people seem to want to know the life and roots of their ancestors. For example, one’s grandfather was of Japanese descent, but one wants to know what kind of life he led in Japan. Or, one’s ancestors were POWs in the war, and one wants to know what their life was like.

▼Creative Activity
It seems that historical documents are needed for period research for TV, movies, animations, cartoons, games, etc. For example, to create a war game, one might look for drawings showing the shape of fighter planes from the records of the former Japanese army, or to draw a manga, one might look for pictures describing the customs of the time.

▼Media Production
The issue of what Japan did to Asian countries during World War II remains unresolved. Television news programs and newspapers sometimes delve into this issue. Historical documents will be needed to show the relevant parts of the historical documents on the screen and to verify the facts about the statements of experts and the testimonies of the people involved.

In this way, the number of situations in which historical documents are used is increasing. In reality, however, it is common for people to not know how to read historical documents or where to find them in the first place. Our team aims to guide you in your search for historical documents by introducing you to the archives maintained by each institution through our articles. Of course, you are welcome to just read and enjoy!


Articles on Historical Documents

Based on historical documents, the articles are about the history of Japan and foreign countries, as well as the history of Japanese regions. Do you think that all of this information can be found on the Internet? It is true, but it is also true that many articles on the Internet lack credibility because they do not contain evidence. In the articles we publish, we always indicate historical data and books and articles by reliable researchers as our sources.

Research Services

Are you looking for historical documents but having trouble finding them? We will do the survey for you, free of charge for a simple 30-minute survey.

Jahistory Team Strengths

The strength of the members on our team is their “high level of expertise”. We provide high quality services with our high level of expertise. Please visit “Our Team” to learn more about our members!

Extensive Practical Experience

We have experience working in archives, libraries, and government agencies, and are highly qualified in historical document research.

Official Qualifications

We hold official certifications as curators, librarians, archivists, etc., which are useful for handling historical documents.

Degree in a Specialized Field

The papers we have written have been published in prestigious journals. All of us have been awarded doctoral or master’s degrees.

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