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Research for Documents (free)

This service is for researching Japanese historical documents (general books, ancient documents, classical books, official documents, etc.) and providing the information you want to know. If you have any other questions, such as the location of the archives or letters you cannot read, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that this service is limited to simple research that can be done in a short time (about 30 minutes) using the Internet.

Research Methods

  • Research documents by searching databases operated by the archives.*
  • Research using documents from our team’s collection.

*Japanese archives that we can research are listed on the following page.


  • As of January 2024, the fields that can be addressed are modern and contemporary Japanese history (1870s-1970s). Other fields are also available for consultation.
  • Once we have received your application, we will reply to you by email.
  • We will respond as quickly as possible, but it may take up to two weeks depending on the working conditions of our members.
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