Our Team

Request for Support

Our team is made up of members with an extraordinary passion for history. However, we are a small team and our services are only possible with your support. If you would like to support us, please contact us through our contact form. As a benefit of your support, we will write and publish a column on a specific topic for those who donate 5,000 yen or more. You can also nominate a member! Your support money will pay for the operation of the service and the member who wrote it.

Key Members

Name: Jun
Degree: Master
Jun is the team leader. He has experience in reference work in archives and as a university lecturer. He is currently working on his PhD thesis. His hobbies include strength training and saving money, and he loves coffee more than three meals a day.

Name: Maki
Degree: Doctor
Dr. Maki is the deputy leader. She has experience in archives management. Her hobbies are otaku culture (manga, light novels, anime, and video games). The illustrations on this home page are hand-drawn by her. *Currently, nominations for column writing are not accepted.

Name: Hiro
Degree: Doctor
Hiro is a regular member of the team. He has experience in archives management and reprinting. Hiro’s main interest at the moment is cooking. Every day he cooks elaborate meals to the delight of his hardworking partner.

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